Hidden in their leaves: eucalypt dye experiments in Australia

Friday 22 March | 5 - 6pm | Free


In this one-hour talk, master weaver Liz Williamson will discuss the Weaving Eucalypts Project exhibition at Wangaratta Art Gallery. The project involves a community of practitioners from Australia, New Zealand and several Indian Ocean countries – practitioners linked by an engagement with nature, concern for sustainability and natural dyeing. 

Williamson will briefly discuss the development of the project, key eucalypts dye experiments in Australia, the dissemination of eucalypts to Indian Ocean countries and the practitioners in the projects. Her talk includes the landmark research of Jean Carman, who was the first to systematically document the colours of Australian eucalypts by testing over 450 species and publishing her findings in 1978. 

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Liz Williamson. Photo Anna Kucera.