Workshop | Stone soup with Amandhi da Silva

Saturday 27 July | 11am - 2pm

"The stock pot is an object of magic. You put in what could be classed as waste: carrot tops, veggie peelings, meatless bones, carcasses of roast chooks, all manner of things, all squirrelled away in bags in the freezer until a critical mass is met and the witches brew is concocted."  Anna Louise Richardson

To celebrate all the good things that the pot yields, please join us for a very special workshop to create a communal stone soup with chef Amandhi da Silva, share stories and partake in its delicious offerings.

Stone Soup is a poignant European folktale about the use of wit and ingenuity needed to survive when times are tough, and a story of communal sharing and nurture. In the many versions of the story, a stranger arrives at a village, carrying nothing more than an empty cooking pot. Upon their arrival, the villagers are unwilling to share any of their food stores with the very hungry travelers. The travelers fill their pot with water and make a soup from an inedible object (such as a stone), prompting curious questions as to their intentions. Eventually, villagers start adding 'flavour' to the stone soup, becoming a delicious broth that is shared among all.

Bring along your favourite soup ingredient to contribute to the pot, along with that ingredient's unique story or importance to your family’s kitchen to share.

Tickets $35 | Wangaratta Art Gallery Friends $30

Soup, bread and complimentary glass of bubbles included. Please advise of any dietary requirements. Numbers are limited, book your ticket early not to miss out.

Bon appetit! 

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Anna Louise Richardson, Stock pot, 2023, charcoal on cement fibreboard, 90 x 114 x 3cm.