Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award 2021


5 June – 15 August | Gallery 1


The Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award is a biennial acquisitive award & exhibition celebrating the diversity and strength of Australia’s textile artistry.


The Winner of the Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award 2021 is Gillian Bencke with her work Cope


This biennial nationally significant award has been presented by Wangaratta Art Gallery since 2009, and will again be a showcase of textile artistry and talent from across Australia. Wangaratta has a long and prominent history of textiles, both in manufacturing and as a craft form. Wangaratta Art Gallery builds upon this unique tradition through the presentation of this outstanding award which continues to recognise the high calibre practice that Australian artists provide to the national and international textile tableau.

This award is committed to the advancement and growth of contemporary textiles, it is an acquisitive award that embodies the current state of play for contemporary textile practice in Australia.


The recipient of the Ruth Amery Highly Commended Commemorative Prize is Evangeline Cachinero with her work Pseudologia Fantastica.

 Pseudologia Fantastica.jpg

 image: Evangeline Cachinero, Pseudologia Fantastica, 2020, wool, cotton, acrylic on canvas, 274 x 152 x 3cm. © Evangeline Cacinero.




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Main image: Gillian Bencke, Cope, 2020-21, wool, silk, cotton, sequins, beads, brass, 130 x 253 x 0.1 cm. Wangaratta Art Gallery Collection. Winner of the Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award, 2021. © Gillian Bencke