Awe | Jan Osmotherly


6 December 2024 - 12 March 2025

WPACC Foyer Gallery


Jan Osmotherly’s photographs capture the majesty and wonder of the Warby Ranges. At a glance, the ranges are often dismissed as just a series of hills on the western horizon. They do not immediately inspire jaw dropping awe, not featuring on the ‘must visit’ lists for tourists like the Grampians or the Alpine High Country. Looking beyond their benign appearance there are many awe-inspiring wonders to behold, as the Traditional Owners have always known.

The Warby Ovens National Park is now listed with the International Union for Conservation of Nature as a site of significance due to its diverse range of threatened species and communities, such as the Grey Grass Tree, temperate woodland bird community, and Carpet Python. The park is an important landscape for both conservation of species and the education of visitors and a significant natural wonder for the region.


Jan Osmotherly, Snake in the grass, detail, 2019, digital photograph.