Material Implications | Tim Craker and Carole Wilson


9 November - 22 December 2024

Gallery 2


Material Implications features work by Ballarat based artists Carole Wilson and Tim Craker who use textile methodologies and materials to create their work. Using techniques such as sewing, knitting or the making of nets, thousands of stitches and knots are used to secure a variety of found objects together into curtains and shrouds, embroidered samplers and geometric arrays in both two and three dimensions. Through recycling, rescue and reuse, each examine the embodied histories of the objects they utilise from old maps and atlases to bread tags, plastic lids and tops.

With its considered re-use of discarded materials, Material Implications reverberates with ideas of waste, loss, place and environmental degradation - pressing concerns for our time.


Tim Craker, Patterns of the Anthropocene2024 (detail), plastic bread-tags, nylon monofilment and acrylic on 625gsm paper, 84cm x 84cm.