Drawn Work | Beth Peters

Beth Peters Field .jpeg

22 May – 27 June 2021

Online exhibition


Beth Peters’ exhibition Drawn Work references a method of needlework which is created by removing threads from the warp and/or the weft of a piece of even-weave fabric with the remaining portions, gathered and threaded together to form new intricate lace-like patterns. Like needlework or embroidery which require patience and attention to detail, this series of drawings on paper respond to the obsessive quality of the stitched thread with the repetitive drawn graphite line.

Repetition of practice allows for a meditative state, a slipping from the threshold of conscious to unconscious thought, a space of disquiet, the temporal fragmentation of order, the unravelling of control and the re-weaving of disorder to create new order.

Beth Peters, Field, 2021, graphite on paper. Image courtesy of Therese Shanley.