Head in the Clouds | Sarah Maslankiewicz


21 September - 14 December 2022

WPACC Foyer Gallery

A series of new works by Sarah Maslankiewicz continuing her experimentation with photographing the human form in water; the writhing bodies, refracted light and swirling fabrics suggest paintings by old masters.Some of the most iconic works in art history held up an impossibly ideal image of beauty. Today, we grapple with the perfect pictures we see in the media, just as these classic paintings must once have provoked.
The Nephelai were mythological nature spirits who brought water to the heavens in pitchers made of clouds. The depiction of nymphs was as beautiful young women dancing across the sky with billowing dresses.By broadening our awareness of early representations of the human form, we can see how we still live with their legacy.

Sarah Maslankiewicz, Ianthe, 2022, photography, giclee print.