In Grief | Maissa Alameddine and Emily McIntosh


2 March - 14 April 2024

Gallery 1


In Grief brings together work by artists Maissa Alameddine and Emily McIntosh, who together examine the multifaceted layers of trauma, displacement, loss and the complexities of grief. Through performance, glass and installation, both artists produce works that pay homage to past traumas, loss and sorrow, that through the processes of making and production act as both memorials, and as a way to preserve memories.

As a Lebanese Australian voice artist, Alameddine draws from her heritage and culture to present visually rich and haunting performances, that explore the chronic injury of displacement and migration. McIntosh produces minimal glass and mixed media sculptures that examine the human condition through representations of biological and psychological structures, functions and activities involved in self-preservation, memory and resilience.

Emily McIntosh, Family tree(s), 2024, found branches, dowel, paint, dye, 50 x 240cm