Moon Paintings | Andrew Sinclair


1 June - 29 August 2023

WPACC Foyer Gallery


Local artist and educator Andrew Sinclair's new series of paintings is a meditation on the constant, reassuring presence of the moon in the night sky.

Sinclair does not try to replicate the natural world, but rather, offers a sense of its mutability, vastness, emotional weight, and ambient light. For him, painting is a way of working through lived experience; each painting informs the one to follow, each painting reveals something about that moment, impelling the artist on to the next.  

I paint and think, sometimes I just paint. Making marks in honour of being and enjoying the ability to interpret what is around me. And express tender feelings that are not easily discussed. The clouds could be a stand in for a thought or the span of a life – gathering, moving, separating, disappearing. I use my visual language to reveal things that are hidden in the everyday.” 

Andrew Sinclair, 1 April, 2023, oil on linen.