Printed Habitat


Anita Laurence, Fleur Rendell, Christine Upton, Bärbel Ullrich

18 February - 16 April 2023

Gallery 1


Printed Habitat features the works of four prominent Northeast Victorian based printmakers: Anita Laurence, Fleur Rendell, Christine Upton, and Bärbel Ullrich. These artists have been living and working in the area with careers spanning over 30 years. Through printmaking techniques, they explore the complexities of home, the nuances of memory of place, and the profound impact of our visceral engagement with the environment. Each artist brings a distinct voice and style to the exhibition, but all share a common thread of examining the personal experiences and sentiments associated with domestic, rural, and urban settings and our relationship with the natural world.


Christine Upton, Just Around the River Bend, 2022, 1 relief block,1 elimination block with some hand colouring.