Superpicture | Tristan Chant


13 May - 11 June 2023

Gallery 2


Superpicture follows the Dadaist tradition of images quoting other images and looks at the relationship between images and art more broadly. The works examine authorship and originality through the juxtaposition of found images appropriated from both high and low culture, and the mobility of photography in art production. By extracting these images from their source material, the works intend to challenge the viewer’s position on both context and consumption.

Tristan Chant is a multi-disciplinary artist working across print, collage, and textile mediums. His practice initiates a dialogue about our relationship to images and the way in which we consume them. Mining images from art history, adult magazines, children’s books and popular media, Chant’s work is at turns political, humorous, and poetic. Chant holds a bachelor's degree from the National Art School and a Master of Arts Administration from UNSW Art & Design. He has been a finalist in the Fisher Ghost Award, Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award, KAAF Art Prize, and Waverley Art Prize.

Tristan Chant, Happy Hour, 2023, jacquard woven tapestry.