Winner: John Parkes, Conflagration



The winner John Parkes was announced at the official opening and announcement of award on Saturday 3 June, 2017. Endorsed by the Award Patron Assoc. Professor Liz Williamson from UNSW Art & Design and Judged by the Director Ararat Regional Art Gallery Anthony Camm.

Camm reflected on Parkes winning work by stating –

In making this work, John has engaged in a slow and gentle dialogue with three very different pieces of cloth.  He has honored the inherent memory in this material through a creative act of redemption that challenges our thinking about singularity and temporality.




John ParkesConflagration, 2017, cotton, wool cloth, cotton thread, hand stitch, discharge and overdye, enamel paint stains, 137 x 125cm. Wangaratta Art Gallery Collection. Winner of the Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award 2017.