Creation Station | Mini Future City Landscapes


How do you think our cities and landscapes will look in the future? If you asked AI to create a future city landscape what would it look like?

Many of the artists in Petite Miniature Textiles 2024 have used artificial intelligence (AI) to produce their work. In the work, Me, The Glasshouse Mountains, 1829 kilometres and AI, Janita Ryan asked AI to give her an image of her ideal holiday. Then she realised no such place on earth exists! 

Laura Canty used an image from an AI text-to-image website as the template for her work. She typed the words ‘Artificial Intelligence’ into the search and then made her work from the design that popped up.

Be inspired by these artist's work and visit the Creation Station to create your own imaginary city or landscape of the future!

Our Creation Station is a free art making activity space for children and all ages. All materials are supplied and you can stay as little or as long as you like. The Creation Station is accessible at anytime during gallery opening hours. 

Laura Canty, Will this blow up Artificial Intelligence?, 2023-24, cotton thread on cotton, 19.6 x 19.6cm.