Heliocentric : Recent works by Cameron Robbins


20 August  - 30 October | Gallery 1


An exhibition of recent work by artist Cameron Robbins - exploring the dynamics of natural landscape energies - solar, hydro, wind, geomagnetism - with sculptural drawing instruments and their outputs in drawing and long exposure photography.

This exhibition features a new installation Helio Ephemera,  commissioned by Wangaratta Art Gallery. It is a direct drive solar-powered drawing instrument - outdoors a solar panel feeds a motor indoors (without batteries) responding to light and shade. As the day passes, it slowly inscribes graphite lines onto a finely honed and slowly rotating marble slab.

Heliocentric features large and small drawings from similar solar devices in the artists studio over the long months of lockdowns.




Image: Cameron ROBBINS, Solar Drawing Linear Day, February 2022, silver ink on hand painted watercolour paper .Image © Cameron Robbins