Nuno Rodrigues de Sousa : Forms & Echoes

Nuno Sousa Nach Oben ( upward)..jpg

30 October - 5 December | Gallery 2

Historical references and allusions to utopian urban planning: imaginary cities that were never built, modernist buildings that were (or still remain) attempts to actively change society, echoes from the Bauhaus school spirit, or the humanism of the Renaissance period, or even the Situationist ideas around urban planning. The artist frames this project as a question: are these ideas still visible today? Or are they only ghosts that live in their forms?

Sousa references architecture, paintings, places, or communities, real or fictional or even scientific theories. In essence, spaces or thoughts created with the aim of changing society. The distinct time frames of these references point to contrasts, similarities and contradictions within the history of European culture and its trace elements and variations in Australia.




image: Nuno Rodrigues de Sousa, Nach Oben (upward), 2019. Installation comprehending one painting and floor sculptures, vinyl emulsion paint on Italian linen 2134 x 1219 mm, 48 x painted wood pieces  Area: 2134 x 1219 mm. Courtesy of artist and CHAUFFEUR Sydney.